London, Italy and NYC at the Guesthouse Lost River

Our first quarterly update! And this time we want to mention some of the wonderful products that we have started featuring and have had around for a while!

  • April 2012: The Guesthouse switched to Vassilaros coffee. Vassillaros was founded in 1919 and serves some of the best coffee in NYC! Coffee is very important to all of us and Vassillaros can't be beat! Vassilaros coffee is 100% Arabica!
  • March 2012: The Guesthouse upgraded the Lodge and guestroom amenities with Molton Brown of London. Guestrooms were upgraded with hair wash, conditioner, body wash with oatmeal and milk soap. This also includes a Molton Brown amenities kit. Naran Ji is used the Lodge and Lili-Pili hair care products, Vitamin A, B & C body wash and Coco de Mer body lotion in our guestrooms. Per request, we have Molton Brown products available for purchase as well!
  • February 2012: Blood orange is all the rage! We had several inquiries about our "secret ingredient" to our Mimosa's. Well this is one secret we don't mind sharing. We use fresh squeezed blood orange juice vs. regular oranges. It gives the Mimosa a nice, bright color and tastes delicious!
  • 2000's: Another question we typically get is "where do you get this amazing espresso?". The Guesthouse proudly serves LaVazza espresso. LaVazza was founded in 1895 in Turin, Italy. LaVazza is known as "Italy's favourite coffee" and it's the Guesthouse's as well! You can find this is our shots of espresso, cappucinos, speciality drinks and one of our signature cocktails the espresso martini!
  • 1983 until Present: HOT, FRESH, homemade buttermilk pancakes are part of our traditional Sunday morning breakfast for our guests! We won't post our "secret recipe" here but will tell you it does include fresh buttermilk and is being prepared starting at 6am, long before some of our guests come down to the Farmhouse Breakfast Room!

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    guesthouselostriver (Monday, 02 April 2012 16:28)

    Thanks everyone for your recent feedback on our new coffee and bath products! We are excited to share these wonderful products with our guests! Cheers!

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