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The Guesthouse has been serving the Baltimore, MD, Washington, DC and surrounding areas for over 30 years! We truly enjoy ALL of our guests! However, there are rare times when we just don't have a guest who is a right fit for our experience. I found this great poem from Ann Poyas, Innkeeper of the Greer Resort in AZ. We invite you to come experience our Inn and truly to come find yourself in Lost River!





Please Don’t Stay Here


If you like high rise and concrete, and long waits to dine,

Elevator gridlock and standing in line,

Loud music, fowl language and the smell of stale beer,

Then no matter your budget, please don’t stay here.


If you’re not into nature and preservation’s no issue.

You don’t conserve water and you overuse tissue,

If you must have a stogie and throw butts far and near,

Then do what you wish, but please don’t stay here.


If you’re not into lodges with the crackling of a fire,

Wood floors that occasionally creak when you retire,

The whistle of the wind when a storm is near,

And traditional lodge racket, then please don’t stay here.


If you need freeway exits, paved parking, a mall,

Rather see a skyscraper than a tree that is tall,

Bothered by mountain air that is fresh, dry and clear,

Then whatever you do, please don’t stay here.


But, if you do see a value in a true getaway,

Want warm, bed and breakfast style service each day,

Enjoy dining and amenities that make your trip dear,

Then please be our guests, and PLEASE, DO STAY HERE.


Ann Poyas, Innkeeper

Greer Peeks Resort, Greer AZ

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    William L. Benton (Friday, 06 July 2012 08:24)

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate this poem.. It really brings out my concerns about other people's some inconsiderate behaviors... that's my opinion and thanks a lot for a wonderful post!

  • #2

    Lindsay Cannon (Friday, 06 July 2012 08:27)

    I love reading poems, mostly love or inspirational poems, but this one moves me! It may be harsh to hear for those who have committed some of the situation stated's really a brilliant idea to compose poem piece like this! especially about guest houses and accommodations.

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    My Assignment Service (Thursday, 01 June 2017 05:12)

    There are uncommon situation when we just don't have a caller who is a accurate fit for our knowledge.

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